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Getting Started

What our customers say about us?

Some advanced features!

Generate new leads using our Chrome Lead Clipper!

Clip leads from Gmail,, Twitter, Facebook & XING in just-one-click

Use Pipeline and Activity Reports to get the bigger picture!

See the past and future of your organization

Keep emails with your contacts in OnePageCRM

Have all the sent messages within a click

Assign Tasks to your Team Members!

Collaborate with the whole team in real time!

OnePageCRM on mobile devices

Working away from the office? Whether you use iOS or Android devices - phones or tablets, OnePageCRM is perfect for use on the go:

  • iOS: If you have an iPad or an iPhone you can download our iOS app from the App Store 
  • Android: Also, if you are using an Android device whether mobile phone or tablet we have an Android App available for download from Google Play

Integrations and sales ecosystem

Managing your contacts across the sales pipeline is important to make sure they convert to paying customers. OnePageCRM has built a sales ecosystem connecting us with some of the best cloud-based apps covering lead generation, lead nurturing, accounting and invoicing, Learn More...

Next Action workflow

Based on a simple dashboard, prospects float to the top when action is required.  
Learn More...

How it's sorted

Contacts are sorted by priority and date.
ASAP & Overdue actions are displayed on the top of your Action Stream highlighted in red, followed by Today's in orange and then Upcoming actions in grey. 
Learn More...

Sync to calendar

Connect your Action Stream to your preferred calendar to view your daily tasks. Learn More...

Time in Next Action

Set a specific time for a Next Action and get a notification at that time. Learn More...

The Anatomy of your Action Stream

“Potential deals that I would have missed before, I have now been able to capture, track and follow up one and it has reflected in my bottom line.”
Charlotte Kemp
Charter President at 
PSASA, Cape Town
“The main selling point is that it is affordable and gives you immediate visibility of days work ahead way in a more user friendly way to any other more highly priced system I have used in the past.”
Kevin Derham
Business Expansion Consultant
“OnePageCRM's Action Stream function is clear and simple to understand and perfect for the busy Sales person who is on the road.”
Declan Coleman
Business Development Manager at 
ONG Automation

OnePageCRM allows you to easily import your contacts using a .CSV file or directly from your Google Contacts:

  • CSV File: Save your data as a .CSV file and upload in one click
  • Google Contacts: Pull contacts directly from your Google Account‚Äč
  • Custom Fields: Data like Birthday, Gender, Tax Number, etc requires a Custom Field

Learn more about importing your data: Importing Data

Importing your contacts

Can I export data any time I want?

Yes! OnePageCRM lets you easily export your data so you can have additional back up or create advanced excel reports within minutes:

  • Exporting Data: All contacts, deals, actions and/or a selection of your data within OnePageCRM can be exported with ease
  • File Types: Quickly export into a .CSV file type to open with a range of desktop and cloud applications

Learn more about exporting data: Exporting Data

Questions about your data

If you ever need help...

We are dedicated to making sure that you experience the best in customer service. Everybody has different experiences using a CRM system, so if you need us we are here:

Where do you store my data, is it safe?

Yes! Your data is very secure with OnePageCRM!

  • Location: Stored in Amazon's East Coast Data Centre protected by physical barriers and 24/7 guard to prevent unauthorized access
  • Encryption: Comodo issued security (SSL) which is encrypted to a level similar to internet banking
  • Back Up: Incremental backup's  of your data scheduled nightly and full backup's run weekly, 99.9% up time

A dynamic list of contacts with their next action, sorted by date

So you'll never drop the ball on a prospect again


This is the default for a Next Action. 90% of Sales Actions are "day based", for example "Email Jane a proposal with costings".

NOTE: As you type a Next Action natural language is supported , so if you say "Call Jane next Fri" we automatically set the date for next Friday! See all our natural language commands.

Date & time

Use "Date & time" only for meetings or specific time actions, for example, if Jane asked you to call her at exactly 12:00.

Natural language commands are also supported, so if you type in "Call Jane next Fri at 12" we'll configure just that.


Use when you want to pin a very important Next Action to the top.

Waiting for

This is an option for when you're "waiting for a contact to get back to you". Use sparingly, as it's sometimes better to set a Date to contact them if they have not replied!

Quick dates

The same as 'Date', but giving you a quick way to select popular interaction and timing.


Kick start your day with a summary of your sales actions sent to you via email every morning.

Morning email

Understanding Next  Actions